MicroZap Technology

MicroZap’s initial focus research shared information which focused on salmonella in shell eggs in a manner that did not affect the eggs’ quality in terms of freshness, nor reducing the eminence.


Bread was also used in the research, showing that it too could be treated and the molding process could be slowed down significantly.


Even after a whole 60 days, the treated bread was compared to that of fresh bread in both quality and freshness.


The technology was developed by engineers from Italy to Texas Tech University’s very own scientists, via the Center for Food Industry Excellence as headed by Dr. Mindy Brashears.


MicroZap’s technology is owned by Texas Tech University and licensed worldwide to MicroZap.



MicroZap Inc.

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Lubbock, TX 79494

Office: 806.686.4443


The MicroZap Team



Don Stull - CEO & Director


Don Stull - Microzap

An inventor of MicroZap technology, Stull co-founded Alamosa PCS (Chief Technology Officer) which resulted in one of the largest IPO’s in Texas history. It was acquired by Sprint for $4 billion. He initially spent 6 years as CEO of CardiArc, and board member of CardiArc and Transitions Industries, a patient transfer device manufacturer. CardiArc is a nuclear medicine device setup located in Detroit, Michigan.


He also serves on the board of Smartfield, Inc., a Texas ETF funded company. As a part-time Texas Tech University instructor of entrepreneurship and strategy, Stull has helped in the development of over 35 different business planning processes and start-ups. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering and a Master’s in Business Admin., from Texas Tech.


David Sharbutt - President, Director, and Chairman of the Board


Don Stull - Microzap

Sharbutt was a founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of Alamosa PCS, in addition to founder and investor of several other startup companies.


Leading Alamosa PCS through an IPO on the NASDAQ of 2000, Sharbutt was acquired by Sprint PCS in a transaction of over $4 billion.


Also an inventor of MicroZap technology, he is an Electrical Engineering alumnus of Texas Tech University.


He currently sits on the boards of American Tower, Zona Communications, Food Concepts International (Abuelos), Smartfield, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of MicroZap.

Dr. Mindy Brashears


Dr. Mindy Brashears - Microzap

A professor in Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University, and holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Food Technology (Magna Cum Laude) and a Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Food Science, Food Microbiology from OSU (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Brashears is the Chief Scientist at MicroZap.


Also an inventor of the MicroZap technology and on the Board of Directors, she has been thoroughly involved in its research in addition to opportunities for using the technology. She is the director of the International Center for Food Industry Excellence, which holds the access to numerous industry companies as potential customers and/or acquirers.She made numerous contacts and presentations of behalf of MicroZap including the Jennie-O Turkey Store and Tejas Industries.


Dr. Andreas Nueber, PE


Dr. Andreas Nueber, PE - Microzap

Dr. Nueber is the Chief Technology Officer. He is also a faculty member of the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics. With a pending patent, he is another inventor of the MicroZap technology.


A professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas Tech University and recipient of Dr. Ing., Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.) and Masters of Science in Physics from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, he is the 2010 recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) William Dunbar Award.


The award was for continuous contributions to high voltage research, technology, and engineering education.

Dr. Chance Brooks


Dr. Chance Brooks - Microzap

An associate Professor in Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University, Dr. Brooks is one of the inventors of MicroZap. He also has a BS, MS and Ph. D. in Animal Sciences from the university.


Dr. Brooks attended Texas Tech University where he earned his B.S. (1994) and M.S. degrees in Animal Science (1997). Brooks then attended Texas A& M University to complete his Ph.D. in Meat Science (2000). After obtaining his Ph.D. he joined the faculty at Oklahoma State University as an Assistant Professor where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses, and conducted numerous beef, pork and lamb research projects. In 2003, Dr. Brooks returned to his alma mater where he currently holds a teaching and research position as Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.


Dr. Todd Brashears


Dr. Todd Brashears - Microzap

Dr. Brashears is an inventor of MicroZap working on additional uses for the product, and an associate Professor in Agricultural Education and Communications at Texas Tech University.


Dr. Brashears began his current position at Texas Tech University in 2004 and specializes in agricultural leadership. He has taught AGED 5312 Assessing Program Effectiveness, AGED 5304 Advanced Agricultural Leadership Methods, AGED 6000 Master’s Thesis, AGED 7000 Research, AGED 7100 Seminar and AGED 8000 Doctor’s Dissertation.


Dr. Brashears has received numerous teaching and research awards during his time at Texas Tech University including being named the Texas Tech Alumni Association’s Outstanding New Faculty.


Melanie Gayler


Gayler serves as a Controller for MicroZap. She received her BBA from Southern Methodist University. She has worked with Howard, Cunningham, Houchin & Turner, LLP (a tax firm in Lubbock). At Houchin & Turner she prepared individual, partnership, corporate, and trust tax returns.


Serving as Vice President of Finance for McDougal Properties in Lubbock, Texas, she was responsible for managing the corporate accounting staff and functions, year-end audits, cash management, lender compliance, and reporting and tax return preparation for the company.


She has served as an accountant with more than 20 years of diverse experience in the field within various industries.

Dr. Christine Alvarado


Dr. Alvarado - MicrozapDr. Christine Alvarado is an Associate Professor in the Department on Poultry Science at Texas A&M University.  Her research focuses on poultry meat and egg quality and safety. Results from Dr. Alvarado’s research have included improved meat quality and process efficiency for poultry processors, improved meat yield, validation of current and new post-harvest Salmonella and Campylobacter antimicrobial interventions, improved Salmonella interventions in further processed not ready to eat products, and Salmonella and Listeria controls in ready to eat poultry products. 


Dr. Alvarado also teaches graduate and undergraduate Poultry Processing and Products classes, as well as custom quality and safety courses for individual companies.  Dr. Alvarado holds a B.S. degree in Biomedical Science, and MS and PhD degrees in Food Science from Texas A&M University.