MicroZap - Bacteria



MicroZap’s technology has been adapted to commercially available washers and dryers made by three different manufacturers. The MicroZap technology has shown significant scientific reduction well in excess of 99.999% (5.48log reduction).


MicroZap has expanded its technology and now kills the deadly superbug MRSA in hospitals and healthcare facilities, locker rooms and homes.


Testing by Texas Tech University has shown that a MicroZap treatment in a dryer reduced MRSA significantly (over 99.999%) on typical cotton linens and towels.


Testing also confirmed that standard washing and drying do not kill MRSA. Even worse, standard washing cross contaminates everything in the washer, including the rinse water which is drained into the public system.


A MicroZap equipped washer and dryer allows customers to sterilize their laundry by killing MRSA without destroying the fabric, all without changing how they do laundry.


A MicroZap washer and dryer can be placed in every home, doctor’s office, nursing home, locker room, health club and day care center to protect families and patients. These washers and dryers include GE and Speed Queen.


Currently, CDC guidelines do not render laundry safe from MRSA and in fact, doing laundry in the same old way will actually spread MRSA and introduce it into the public sewer system.


MRSA (Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infections have grown dramatically in the U.S.

Future Solutions:


MicroZap can treat bed bug infested linens and comforters found in homes and hotels.


The MicroZap technology can be used in mutagenesis for hybrid seed development to eliminate the use of carcinogenic materials.