MicroZap - Solutions


MRSA in Healthcare, Homes and Athletic Facilities


MicroZap’s technology has been adapted to commercially available dryers made by two manufacturers. The MicroZap technology has shown scientific reduction well in excess of 99.999% (5.48log reduction).


Salmonella & E. Coli in the Food and Food Processing Industries


MicroZap technology tests have shown scientifically significant reduction of Salmonella in such food products as peanuts and jalapenos without a reduction in the quality. Salmonella was reduced without cooling the food so that it retained its freshness.



Salmonella in Pet Food


MicroZap’s technology has show scientifically significant reduction in treating dry pet food. In addition MicroZap has been working with a pet food manufacture who is currently undergoing an FDA recall.


MicroZap is working with them on treating their pet food and treats. MicroZap can help control Salmonella and save companies from costly FDA recalls.



Future Solutions


Studies are in process to treat bed bug infested linens and comforters found in homes and hotels.The MicroZap technology is planned to be studied for its use in mutagenesis for seed development.